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20 Types Data Combo » Electrical, Electronics, Lighting, Solar, Power, Energy, Renewable etc. Related Products, equipment, machinery, materials, services etc. (In Excel Format)

  1. 58,500 Companies - Electrical & Electronics Components, Equipments, Fittings, Materials, Services etc Data - In Excel Format
  2. 1,450 Companies - Electrical Control Panels, Panels, Distribution Boxes, Boards (All Types) Data - In Excel Format
  3. 1,480 Companies - Switchgear, MCB, RCCB, MCCB, Circuit Breaker, Fuses, Sockets, Isolators Etc. Products, Materials & Fittings (All India) Data - In Excel Format
  4. 6,200 Companies - Transformers, UPS, Voltage & Power Stabilizers, Insulators, Etc. Products, Parts & Fittings Data - In Excel Format
  5. 3,600 Companies - Relays, Contactors, Diodes, Connectors, Resistors, Controllers Products & Spare Parts (All India) Data - In Excel Format
  6. 1,950 Companies - Electrical Coils, Clamps, Pins, Cores, Connectors, Bushing, Terminals, Clips, Anodes Etc. (All India) Data - In Excel Format
  7. 14700 Exhibitors of 58 Exhibitions Related to Electrical, Electronics, Power, Solar, Lighting Etc. (Exhibition Wise) - In Excel Format
  8. 2100 Electrical Contractors (All India) Data - In Excel Format
  9. 26400 Companies - Led, Lighting, Luminaries Products, Fixtures & Fittings Data - In Excel Format
  10. 6000 Companies Related to Solar, Energy, Renewable Energy Products & Spares Data - In Excel Format
  11. 4820 Companies From Battery, Battery Chargers, Charging Station & Storage Devices Data - In Excel Format
  12. 4100 Companies From Inverter, UPS, Converter, Products & Materials Data - In Excel Format
  13. 830 Companies - PCB, Printed Circuit Boards & Modules Data - In Excel Format
  14. 1600 Companies of Electrical Home Appliances Data (Mixer Grinder, Washing Machines, Microoven, Electric Kettle, Mixi, Dishwasher, Toaster, Iron, Pizza Machine Etc.) - In Excel Format
  15. 4,500 Companies - Cable & Wire Products, Materials & Machines Data - In Excel Format
  16. 3,000 Companies - Fans, Air Conditioners, Coolers, Blowers, Air Curtain, Air Ventilator Etc. (All Types) Products, Materials & Spares Data - In Excel Format
  17. 3017 Companies Related to Power Plants, Generators, Alternators, Turbines & Parts Data - In Excel Format
  18. 1024 Companies - Electric Vehicles Parts, Kits & Accessories Data (Motors, Conversion Kits, Controllers, Brakes, Lights, Shockers, Meter Etc.) - In Excel Format
  19. 5,000 Companies - Refrigeration, AC, Cooling Tower, Freezer, Humidifier, Air Curtain, Vessels, Compressors etc. Products & Spares Data - In Excel Format
  20. 4370 Companies - E-Vehicles Battery, Battery Chargers, Charging Stations, Charging Devices & Kits (All India) Data - In Excel Format

    Salient Features : 

  • Trade/ Industry Coverage: Electrical, Electronics, Lighting, Solar etc.
  • Area of Coverage: All India
  • 70% to 85% Accuracy
  • Type Of Companies : Multi National Companies, Co-Operates Companies, LTD/PVT LTD/LLP Companies, Micro, Small & Medium Business Houses And Many More..
  • Types Of Category : Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, Suppliers, Traders, Service Providers, Consultants
  • Data Content : Company Name, Address, City, Pin Code, State, Landline No., Mobile Number, E-mail Ids, Website, Products/Services Details
  • Format Of Data : Microsoft Excel
  • Sources of our data : From Various B2B Portals, Industrial Directories, Exhibitions Exhibitors, Exhibitions Visitors and many more sources.
  • How To Use Data : Bulk SMS Marketing, Bulk E-Mail Marketing, Tele Marketing, To Increase Your Branding, Publicity Etc., To Generate Leads For Your Sales, To Get Fresh Vendors Enquiries, To Generate New Dealers/Distributors Enquiries In New Areas etc.
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